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Premium quality electric bicycles (PAB) w LTA approved orange seals

Electric Scooters

Premium Kick Scooters from USA - Xootr

Full range of Xootr kick scooters - The smoothest & most efficient kick scooter.Xootr kick scooter wheels are the key to our kick scooters high performance. Our kick scooter wheels are custom made for the Xootr push scooter and are not available on any other product. These wheels are made by molding polyurethane onto aluminum centers. Countless hours were spent on the polyurethane blend and testing to get just the right combination of speed and durability. Our wheels offer the lowest rolling resistance of any small-wheeled vehicle and the larger size (180 mm) keeps them from getting hung-up in cracks and other imperfections in the riding surface.Why should you care about rolling resistance? In a human-powered vehicle traveling at speeds of about 10 mph (16 kph) on level ground, nearly all of your effort goes into overcoming rolling resistance. Rolling resistance is pure dissipation of your energy...the less resistance, the less effort you have to apply to get where you're going. See the chart below for a quantitative assessment of what this means to you. Frankly, after riding the Xootr, skateboards, in-line skates, and other competitive adult scooters feel like they are rolling through mud...the Xootr is that fast.

Mobility scooters, also known as personal mobility aids (PMAs), are designed for the elderly or people with difficulties walking or standing for a long period of time.Mobility scooters have increased in popularity over the last few years. It is increasingly common to see them on pedestrian pathways, public transportation and food outlets. This is probably due to the improved in design and image, affordability and decrease in usage stigma.In Singapore, the use of mobility scooters in public paths are regulated by the Active Mobility Act. They are allowed to be used on pedestrian, cycling, shared paths and park connector networks. They are not allowed to be used on roads.Unlike electric scooters, mobility scooters are not required to fulfil the physical criteria of weight (max 20kg) and width (max 70cm). They are also not required to register and comply with UL2272 safety standard.Unlike most mobility scooters in the market which are not foldable and bulky, these mobility scooters are foldable and can be stored in the car boot without taking much space and can also be driven to the public bus and MRT.Mobility scooters feature 3 and 4 wheels. They can travel a little faster and cover larger distances than electric wheelchairs. At the same time still remain foldable and easily transported.

Mobility Scooters


CAMP ROYALE LITE PRO & CAMP ROYALE (Folds & Rolls like a Brompton)

Folds flatter than all main competitors’ trolleys. Revolutionary Caddy White screen can be seen easily even in full sun. One touch super simple fold/unfold.Holds the bag beautifully without “perching” on the central beam to avoid bag wobble. Non clogging front wheel housing. Full livery colour swaps available. Super slick high grip tyres.Longer lasting tyres (5 times longer life than normal EVA). Easy off main wheels. Distance control function. Speed increments in 0.5 to get the perfect speed to match your pace.

Why Golfstream Vision?

Golfstream Electric Golf Trolley - 100% UK fully assembled with UK made quality parts and componentsGolfstream is based in the heart of electric golf trolley country in Kent, UKWIth over 50 years of experience in the electric golf trolley market, Golfstream wanted to offer a sturdier, more reliable product along with more personal, helpful, customer friendly service than that currently offered in the market.Golfstream was set up in 2008 by Derek Richford and Lee Stelfox and  have been ably assisted by Emma and Kaytlin over the last few years helping to make Golfstream one of the fastest growing golf companies in the UK. 

Golfstream Electric Golf Trolley - UK

Fully programmable left handed operation. Personalisation of the main screen to allow names. Simplicity mode for those who don’t want the fancy extras. Super quiet powerful drive train for an uninterrupted round. Sleek power platform to take all popular batteries. Supplied with CaddyCell LiFePO4 lithium battery as standard.Magnetic hold together latch for quick and simple hold. Designed in the UK for simple reliable operation.and weighs 9kg without a battery.

..and more reasons to own the VISION.

Although our first motorized golf push cart was a remote-controlled electric golf caddy, it wasn’t long before we realized that using a remote control on the golf course was much more of a hassle than it was a luxury. Instead of playing golf, we were usually just “playing remote” as it required our constant attention, not only to steer between bunkers, cart-path curbs, and other obstacles you find on every golf course, but also just keeping track of where we kept our “garage door opener” in between shots and making sure we didn't distract our playing partners with our roaming golf bag zig-zagging the fairway as we constantly clicked left and right trying to keep it headed in a straight line. our own content and make changes to it. This is a paragraph. Click here to edit the text. It’s easy. Just click here to add your own content and make changes to it.

QOD Electric Golf Trolley

After a frustrating first year with our remote control golf caddy and dealing with a few different part failures, we began researching these electric golf trolleys once again and discovered a press release for the best new product award at the Golf Europe show for the QOD Electric Golf Trolley. Thanks to a cousin living in the land down under and some creative shipping arrangements, we bought our first QOD a few years ago and have been enjoying the walk ever since.

Why QOD ?

We soon discovered we were playing better and feeling more fit because our focus was on the shot in front of us and our body was conserving energy to hit the ball instead of feeling the pain or fatigue that we used to have while pushing a manual cart or carrying our bag.

Play better with QOD

Stewart Golf X9 Follow