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Got into an e-scooter accident in Singapore? Here are 7 things you can do

Got Into an E-Scooter Accident in Singapore? Here are 7 Things You Can Do

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So you’re walking to the MRT station as usual, when out of nowhere, some kid on an obviously illegal electric scooter rams into you, and you fall on the ground like a sack of potatoes. 

Or maybe you’re a PMD user yourself, and some EQ-challenged idiot bangs into you head-on, scattering you, your Dyu, and the contents of your GrabFood bag all over the pavement. 

Apart from shaking your fist and screaming obscenities, what else can you do? 

Well, unfortunately for Singaporeans bedeviled by irresponsible e-scooter riders, there’s not a lot of infrastructure protecting us. 

While it is against the law for e-scooter ridersto speed / ride dangerously / do a hit & run, these crimes are hard to enforce. LTA no budget to install speed cameras everywhere and hire saman aunties to catch errant riders, mah.

In the meantime, here’s what a victim of an e-scooter accident can do:


Click on link to read the details. Below is a summary:



1. If needed, call an emergency hotline 

I have been rather flippant in the above paragraphs, but the fact is that e-scooter accidents can sometimes cause serious injuries.

If you or any other victims are in a life-threatening situation, then the first thing you should do is call 995 for an ambulance

If the situation is not life-threatening, but someone needs immediate medical attention, call 1777 for a non-emergency ambulance or take a taxi to the nearest hospital’s A&E.

Other helpful hotlines are: 6547 0000 for the traffic police, and 999 for the police.


2. Take copious photos + videos, including the PMD’s registration number

If no one is seriously hurt, then skip Step 1 and whip out your phone or any other recording device. As with a car accident, it is important that no one moves so you can record the accident as closely as possible.

Take photos and videos of the scene and any victims involved, including signs of damage e.g. objects broken in the collision. Ensure that you take both wide and tight shots from a variety of angles, if possible.


3. Make a police report about the accident

Under the new Active Mobility Act, certain uses of e-scooters are now officially illegal, so you may be perfectly within your rights to make a police report.

Common PMD-related offenses that can be reported are:

  • Riding e-scooters on roads*
  • Riding e-bikes on footpaths*
  • Dangerous riding of any sort
  • Speeding (> 10 km/h) on footpaths 
  • Speeding (> 25 km/h) on shared paths e.g. PCN 
  • Riding unregistered / non-compliant PMDs
  • Hit & run (not stopping to help accident victims)

*Note: Inverse rules apply to e-scooters and e-bikes. E-scooters are not allowed on roads while e-bikes are not allowed on footpaths.

4. Report the offence to LTA on MyTransport.SG

If the accident victims were largely unharmed, but you will not rest until the authorities clamp down on the reckless e-scooter rider terrorizing your neighbourhood, then you should also report the incident to the LTA.

The easiest channel for reporting misuse of PMDs is through LTA’s MyTransport.SG app, which has recently been updated with a “Report PMD / PAB Incident” tab. 


5. Complain to your Town Council

Since LTA is not likely to take action until they clear their huge backlog of e-scooter reports, you can also turn to your Town Council for help.

The Town Council takes care of the common areas around HDB estates, so if there are repeat offenders around your neighbourhood, you can call in to complain.

From 31 October 2019 onwards, Town Councils will start enforcing this ban by issuing warning letters and/or fines..

6. Request compensation from the e-scooter rider

If you have incurred any kind of costs from the e-scooter accident, such as medical bills, home repair, or loss of income, you may try to claim compensation from the rider.


7. Remember to claim your own insurance

Finally, don’t be so intent on hunting that mofo down that you forget to claim your own insurance benefits!


Click on link to read the details. Above is a summary:



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