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Lightweight Battery for speedway 3 & 4 & Dualtrons Pre-orders

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Lightweight Battery for speedway 3 & 4 Pre-orders 

Specially crafted 52 volts 8ah battery below 2.3kg (The size for 52v 8Ah is about L24*W10.8*T4.3cm)

And 60v 8ah battery about 2.5kg (The size for 60v 8Ah is about L28*W11.2*T5cm)

For those who need to keep their Speedway below 20kg to fulfil LTA COMPLIANT in weight.

Calling all uber eats food panda deliveroos on speedway 3 4 or Dualtrons S. Make it LTA COMPLIANT

At 15 to 25 km/h speed, estimated range is about 25 to 30km subject to load, terrains, headwinds etc..

Lead time about 15 to 20 working days

Battery only, installation not included.

Overseas and international shipping available upon request for quotation

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