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Minimotor USA

Dualtron Spider for Central & South America

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Dualtron Spider 

Handlebar: Ultralight carbon fibre

Frame: Ultralight aerospace 7075 aluminium alloy

Dual lightweight magnesium motors (3600w BLDC) 

Battery:  60v 10.5 ah (18.2kg) & 17.5ah (19.8kg)  LG lithium

Suspensions up to 15 levels of rubber adjustments

Load: 120KG

Speed : Central & South America version not restricted to 25kmh

Gradient: 25 degrees

Range: 80km (75kg load at 25kmh)

Tire: 10" Tubeless on road tires

ABS Anti-lock Braking Systems.


3 Mths against manufacturing defects by local distributor.


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