Golfstream UK Golf Trolley

Golfstream Electric Golf Trolley - 100% UK fully assembled with UK made quality parts and components

Golfstream is based in the heart of electric golf trolley country in Kent, UK

WIth over 50 years of experience in the electric golf trolley market, Golfstream wanted to offer a sturdier, more reliable product along with more personal, helpful, customer friendly service than that currently offered in the market.

Golfstream was set up in 2008 by Derek Richford and Lee Stelfox and  have been ably assisted by Emma and Kaytlin over the last few years helping to make Golfstream one of the fastest growing golf companies in the UK.



Golfstream offers a good range of 100% UK sourced & assembled electric &remote controlled golf trolleys and also a selection of the most popular spare parts for the most popular electric powered trolleys sold around the world. Most parts are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) quality parts

The most reliable electric golf trolley used by golf clubs in the United Kingdom due to its well designed and excellent UK quality components.

Now available to ship anywhere in the world c/w ultra-lightweight Lithium batteries for 18, 27 and 36 holes.

Plse select your colors in each of the various models.

All prices indicated for the EVO, DUO & REVO models comes with an automatic battery charger and a Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) 18-holes battery, plse call 9029 8509 for other battery capacity & lightweight Lithium battery options,