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Xootr Kick Scooters

Full range of Xootr kick scooters - The smoothest & most efficient kick scooter.

Xootr kick scooter wheels are the key to our kick scooters high performance. Our kick scooter wheels are custom made for the Xootr push scooter and are not available on any other product. These wheels are made by molding polyurethane onto aluminum centers. Countless hours were spent on the polyurethane blend and testing to get just the right combination of speed and durability. Our wheels offer the lowest rolling resistance of any small-wheeled vehicle and the larger size (180 mm) keeps them from getting hung-up in cracks and other imperfections in the riding surface.

Why should you care about rolling resistance? In a human-powered vehicle traveling at speeds of about 10 mph (16 kph) on level ground, nearly all of your effort goes into overcoming rolling resistance. Rolling resistance is pure dissipation of your energy...the less resistance, the less effort you have to apply to get where you're going. See the chart below for a quantitative assessment of what this means to you. Frankly, after riding the Xootr, skateboards, in-line skates, and other competitive adult scooters feel like they are rolling through mud...the Xootr is that fast.

Chart showing wheel speed on 1% decline

Xootr has plenty of type-A, hyper-analytical engineers on the team. To further support our claims of scooter wheel superiority, they ran some tests with the Xootr and the obvious competitive devices. They simply measured the speed of these products rolling down a 1% grade (a just noticeable incline). The Xootr rolls almost twice as fast as a nice skateboard (with Kryptonics 65mm wheels) and 50 percent faster than the cheap scooters that use 100mm in-line wheels like the Razor brand scooters. Pneumatic-tired scooters like the Know-Ped with 200mm (about 9 inches) kick scooter wheels barely roll on this incline...we wouldn't even recommend one of these for a child.



Dash Mg Cruz Roma Street
Narrow Platform Wide Platform Wide Platform Narrow Platform Wide Platform
Plastic resin deck Die-cast magnesium deck Baltic birch deck CNC-machined aluminum deck CNC-machined aluminum deck
10 lbs (4.5 kgs)

11 lbs (4.8 kgs)

10.9 lbs (4.7 kgs) 10.5 lbs (4.7 kgs) 11.5 lbs (5.2 kgs)
If you want the lightest narrow deck or want a little color in your ride. Best all around and best seller. You can’t go wrong with the Mg. If you like the classic look of wood. If you want a metallic narrow deck with a compact folded configuration. If you like the look of CNC-machined aluminum and want the most indestructible model.

If you are still unsure as to which model is best for you , please see below to help you decide.

If you live in the city, take some sort of mass transit (ie. bus, subway, or train) into work, or just want to keep up with your kids around the neighborhood, our adult kick scooters just may be the perfect way for you to get around. Get around faster than walking, add some exercise and excitement to your commute, and enjoy your personal mobility.

We offer five different models. Each one is assembled by hand here in Pennsylvania, USA and all come with the same large, fast polyurethane wheels. We know adults are in need of a great kick scooter. Every Xootr kick scooter can accommodate adults up to 6'7" (201cm), have platforms for real adult sized feet, and support over 800lbs (363kgs). Our push scooters for adults are light, fast, easily fold into a compact size, and can add a lot of fun to your commute or errands around town. Experience why Xootr kick scooters have been called the "Rolls Royce" and "Porsche" of scooters



Let's begin! All Xootr kick scooter models have the same chassis, the same wheels, the same handlebar arrangement. The only difference in the models is the deck -- the flat part you stand on. The first step in the decision making process is to determine if you would prefer a wide or narrow deck. Because of our exotic wheels, our kick scooters allow you to take a few strokes with your kicking leg and then rest both feet on the deck.


If you have never ridden a kick scooter or skateboard before, then most likely you will prefer to rest your feet side by side. Our wide deck models have enough room to accommodate most adult feet side by side or "goofy style" (one foot in front of the other).


If you will be navigating through tight spaces (crowded subways, sidewalks, etc.) often or need the most compact size available then the narrow deck models will suit you better.Like our wide decks, our narrow deck models are long enough to allow two adult feet "goofy style".