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Dualtron 2 UK Limited Edition (for Europe only) & UK

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All Europe and UK Dualtron orders are entitled to purchase an original Dualtron Range extender (12ah) to add range at a special PWP (purchase with purchase) price.
Dualtron is the flagship model of Minimotors which has integrated all technology for 17 years.

Dualtron realized lightness and strength with production using specific aluminum alloys forging process and it also realized high accelerating and climbing ability with the appliedworld first dual driving system.

You can feel the best riding comfort with the patent pending dual rubber suspension system. Dual LED headlight and taillight provides unique style and safe driving at night, and there is dual disk brake system with high braking force for stable deceleration.

For easy replacement for tire and tube, easy repair wheel design for disassembly is applied and it provides comfort for self-maintainer.

And quick charging kit rechargeable in only 3-hours and removable seat kit is being produced for an additional option.

Item name: Mini motors Dualtron 2 – the world first and world best dual HUB drive scooter.  

The ultimate driving machine.


Dualtron 2 Limited Edition

Motor: 60V 1200w BLDC HUB Motor (Max 3000W)

Dual / Single Drive selectable modes

Size: unfold: 1125 x 590 x 1170mm | fold: 1125 x 590 x 502mm

Speed: Max 45-78KM/h

Range: 60-100km Max

Load: 120KG

Weight 24KG+

Tire: 10" Tube tire

Details in pictures attached


The more durable version than the DUALTRON II EX ... The dualtron II LIMITED is equipped with a lithium battery Li-Ion  60v 28Ah in 1657 wh, thanks to this new battery, you have an extended autonomy that can go up to 120 kms if you are using mode 1. You will need 12h of charge when the battery is completely empty.

For the rest of the equipment the two models DUALTRON are equivalent, always equipped with  two engines of 600w (3.600w max), it can reach 65 Km / h, support a load up to 120Kg and climb slopes of 45%! (depending on the weight of the driver). Its 1200w will surprise you because of the fluidity of the engines and the stability that both HUB engines provide.

Power and speed are always adjustable by changing mode. Single or dual engine and Eco or Turbo. You can influence the battery life and the overall performance of the scooter, this DUALTRON II LIMITED is equipped with two comodos on the left of the handlebars.

  • The first button manages Eco / Turbo mode.
  • The second button toggles between the one or two-wheel drive mode.


Standard equipment:

  • LCD console
  • 24 cm wide tray
  • Front / rear disc brake + electric brake
  • 10 "wheel with inner tube
  • Led forward / backward
  • Aluminum frame (6082 T6)
  • Full front and rear suspension

Technical characteristics :

  • Up to 50 km / h (solo engine) - 65 km / h (dual engine)
  • Up to 120 degrees of autonomy (L1 mode)
  • Weight: 30 kg
  • Length 112 × width 60 × height 50 cm (folded)
  • Length 112 × width 60 × height 120 cm (unfolded)
  • Max load: 120 kg
  • Slope: about 45%
  • 2x 600 w brushless motor
  • Battery 60V Li-Po 28ah / 1657 W
  • Full charge time 12h
  • Scooter NOT waterproof

* the information in bold is the evolution between the dualtron II EX and the dualtron II LIMITED


* Wearing the helmet and suitable protection is strongly recommended. 

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