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Dualtron 3 (For USA Market Only)

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* the speed of the electric scooters are not limited with any speed limiting wire, hence please ride responsibly


For a powerful electric scooter   and useful in everyday life, the Dualtron 3 is perfect for that!

With a maximum speed of  65km / h , it has a  range  of  80km  thanks to two   powerful BLDC HUB engine of  3600W . It consists of a  battery 59.2V 28Ah Li-Ion type   and still requires  14h of charge  to take full advantage of its power.

It is  115cm long ,  61cm wide  and  120.3cm high , so you can carry it anywhere with you or place it in the trunk of your car. However, it weighs  36.2kg  but has the ability to climb up  35 °  for a   maximum driver weight of  120kg .

In order to have all the necessary information during your trip, the scooter is equipped with a  multi-function LCD display  indicating  the battery charge level , an  odometer  for the speed, the   elapsed time and the   selected mode. .

For better visibility,  double LED headlights  and a  brake light  are integrated. Some new features are expected on this vehicle, indeed a  new suspension in the front  gives the ability to change the cartridge for  better agility  or  cushioning more assured , including a  setting of 5 levels , and a  rubber suspension adjustable in 45 steps.

An  innovative scooter  that will satisfy you every day.

Optionally it is possible to equip the Dualtron 3 of Fingerprint is an innovative start-system digital footprint.


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