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Dualtron THUNDER for ASIA - export sales

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This scooter model does not fulfills the maximum speed, width and weight limit as per the physical criteria for personal mobility devices set by LTA Singapore. It is intended only for use in private compounds and not on public paths and park connectors in Singapore.



Introducing the flagship of the range Minimotors , this model is the newest , most powerful and most successful  ever produced. Do not look for him to compete, there is none ...

Thanks to its battery of 60v 35Ah, this scooter will allow you to travel up to 90 km and climb 70% of the coast. The Dualtron Thunder  will show you a speed of 80 km / h max on the meter and you will always be able to adjust the speed thanks to its 3 speed modes.

At road-holding level you'll be equipped with 11-inch tubeless road tires and the brand new 15-level adjustable suspension.

On the safety side , we are on a high-flying braking system with nothing less than a semi-hydraulic brake equipped with ABS and it's a world first .

Let's continue with the novelties , with the Fingerprint . Indeed, the Thunder embeds a lock of any last generation. The handlebars are a borrowed reader . Yes, you read correctly ... To start the beautiful, just put your finger on the player, technophiles will love!

Meet Dualtron Thunder

Dualtron Thunder is the quickest, most capable sport electric scooter in history. It is also the first Escooter to have ABS anti-lock braking system. With all-wheel drive and a 2.1kW battery providing 70 miles of range, Dualtron Thunder has a wide standing deck for comfortable rides and a 15-Step Suspension System with 5 Levels of softness. And it's extraordinarily fast, accelerating from zero to 50 miles per hour in as quick as 5.5 seconds.

Dualtron Thunder is the Legendary Electric Scooter from Minimotors.

Max mileage :  70 miles

Max Speed  :  60 miles per hour

Gradability Around 47% (25°)

Safety and Stability

Dualtron Thunder offers the highest levels of road safety and stability of any electric scooter in its class, with hydraulic brakes and ABS. Designed to maximise passenger comfort and ride stability, the suspension cartridges are available in 5 levels of softness, 9-step adjustment with 45 different combinations.

Suspension :  15-step adjustable new rubber suspension with 3 step variable suspension system + 5 kinds of rubber cartridge replaceable design ( Rubber cartridge normal is applied basically) (Soft, Medium soft, Hard, Medium hard

Do Everything Responsibly

Thunder offers the largest engine on the market with 5400W from two powerful engines designed by Minimotors itself to offer a dizzying torque and top speed of 60 miles per hour. We highly recommend wearing a helmet and protection equipment such as a biker jacket and elbow and knee protectors and especially to show the most responsible and safe behaviour that you can have during all your trips.

Motor :   MAX 5400W BLDC DUAL HUB MOTOR | Battery type : Li-Ion battery pack (LG) | Battery capacity : 59.2V34.8Ah @ 2060Wh



The 35Ah and 60 Volts LI-ION LG Battery of the Thunder electric scooter lets you travel 70 miles on a single charge ( using the dual motors function will consume the battery faster, which will take you on an average of about 30 miles). The price to pay for two huge engines and such a large battery will be the weight of this scooter which is about 60 pounds. Thunder has two charging ports that reduce the total charging time to 9 hours when using both chargers: quick charger (6.5A) +Standard charger (1.7A)  (8.4A) 4.2hr

Battery Management System (BMS)

 Dualtron Thunder Battery Pack has a Built-in protection circuit designed and manufactured directly by BMS specialist company that has more than 20 years of experience in domestic market. Made of Japanese balancing semiconductor, Over-discharge, over-current (double protection), and high-temperature charge / discharge function all work perfectl

0% defects

Minimotors spends a lot of money to produce the perfect battery under total control with 0% defects

If you do spot welding with nickel on dozens of cells or more, it is difficult to make accurate work. In this process, the internal impedance value of certain cell becomes deformed and battery balancing will be changed in the future. The Thunder is 100% accurate for professional automated robots optimized for spot welding, so you can maintain robust yet uniform cell quality.

The completed battery packs are fully charged, discharged, and thoroughly inspected before shipment through automated testing equipment, and only products that pass all of these tests are shipped to the market.


The domestic battery pack has been proven to have a lowdefect rate of 0% by applying more than a thousand times in Dualtron Thunder. It is very low compared with Chinese battery pack and realizes low defect rate with high quality at the same time. No battery-related safety accidents have occurred during thousands of field tests and the domestic battery pack guarantees a normal life span even in the long run of over10,000 Km and in harsh environments.

We will never use cheap batteries this product will remain expensive user safety is the most important. It is not only a good battery with high capacity, but a battery that is safe and long lasting.

So, we want to make the battery properly in Korea for the safety of the user even though the cost is much higher.

KCL battery safety verification test passed

Below, an official certificate attesting the battery testing: For this Escooter we have passed the required safety test ( short circuit test, overcharge test, collision test, vibration test, impact test, and KC certification ) of the battery tested by KCL

Made with Top Technology Upgrades

Equipped with 9-step variable suspension system

5-Type Rubber Cartridge Replacement System

Hub Motor With Complete Separation Structure

Ultra-Wide 11-inch tubeless tire

Basic Application of Hydraulic Brake System

LED Handle Bar Luminous System & Lower Mood Lamp

New Throttle EYE standard applied

Smart Fingerprint Security System (Optional)

New Handlebar with folding function

Basic Application Of Folding Fastener of Handle

Outstanding Frame Durability and Stability

Improved Sealing for safe product use

Dualtron Thunder has The most secure LG Li-Ion Battery Pack

3rd Generation Exclusive Light Mount (Optional)

World's First Electric Scooter with ABS AS STANDARD

Anti-Lock Brake System as Standard

All electric vehicles generate tire locks during sudden braking. As a result, the slip of the tire causes the passenger to lose balance and fall, causing accidents. Dualtron Thunder is equipped with ABS brake function to eliminate the tire lock, enabling more secure braking.

The EYE Throttle

This 3rd generation EYE throttle designed by Minimotors is complementing the drawbacks of existing throttle and it has been improved in the way that information is displayed and the design of the casing. There is an LCD instrument panel, a Setting button, a Power button and a Mode Button (Battery level, TRIP, ODO, Time, Speed display and Mode Change.)

Cruise / Electric brake / Auto save function (3minutes by default)

Thunder Dimensions

Folded Size:  1238 x 319 x 543mm (  Length x Width x Height )

Unfolded Size :  1238 x 609 x 1219mm (  Length x Width x Height )

Product Weight: Around 43KG

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