Dualtron ULTRA latest upgraded version

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This scooter model does not fulfills the maximum speed, width and weight limit as per the physical criteria for personal mobility devices set by LTA. It is intended only for export sales or use in private properties.

Dualtron Ultra takes over the world's strongest title,

The end of controversy about speed, power, gradeability, product safety.
Premium luxury brand, Dualtron Ultra rewrites the new history of the electric scooter.
People around the world are keen on the Dualtron Ultra made by Mini Motors in Korea.
Dualtron Ultra expected specification
Dualtron Ultra delivers maximum performance in any offload environment.
Battery capacity: 60V 35Ah (2,072Wh) Biggest capacity in all of the existing electric scooters
Expected maximum speed: 80km-90km
Expected gradeability: 70% (about 35 degrees when converted to angle)
Expected motor: Max output 5,000W (2,500W X 2,500W Dual motor)
Tire diameter: About 11 inches, tire width 90mm ultra-wide off-road tires
Product length: 5cm longer than Dualtron 2 LTD (1235mm)
Estimated product weight: about 35KG
Equipped with front and rear dual electromagnetic brake
Expected arrival date: ard june 2017
The following image is Dualtron logo to be attached to all Dualtron series in the future.
You can see this logo from the Dualtron Ultra image below.
The meaning of the logo is A stands for the best electric scooter and If you turn it 90 degrees clockwise it means D stands for the abbreviation of Dualtron.



3 mths against manufacturing defects 


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