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Minimotor USA

Dualtron X - 2019 (For USA Market Only)

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6 months warranty by local distributor based in L.A. California
Limited few sets arriving early June. Book now to avoid disappointment 
* the speed of the electric scooters are not limited with any speed limiting wire, hence please ride responsibly
Here are some of the announced specs for the Dualtron X:
  • Max speed 55-60 mph.
  • Motor power 6720 W.
  • 13” ultra-wide tire.
  • 19 steps Hydraulic adjustable suspension for bike tuning.
  • Battery Capacity 60V 49AH + 60V 3AH 52AH (3,078 WH)
  • Newly designed jet air cooling system.
  • Fingerprint recognize key system.
  • Newly designed dashboard.

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