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Flexi 4 wheels stable Mobility Scooter

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FLEXI 4 Wheels Mobility Scooter

The MOBOT FLEXI 4 is probably the most compact foldable 4 wheels mobility scooter in the market.

Like most 4 wheel mobility scooters, FLEXI 4 is designed for maximum stability. With dual rear suspensions, 10″ front air tyres and it’s explosion-proof 8″ rear tyres do not puncture and require no maintenance, it is one of the most comfortable and stable mobility scooter around.

Unlike other mobility scooters which use single motor and lead-acid battery, the FLEXI 4 is powered by 2 x 36V 250W motors with 10AH lithium-ion battery. This mobility scooter can travel at 10 km/h (Reverse: 5 km/h) covering a good distance of 20 – 25 km on a single charge.

This mobility scooter comes with an integrated foldable front child seat to bring kids for a fun ride.

The MOBOT FLEXI 4 is the ideal choice for individuals looking for a stable, comfortable, foldable and compact mobility scooter.

*Product specifications subjected to change without notice.

Important Note:

With effect from 1 Feb 2019, the maximum device speed for mobility scooters is 10 km/h as stipulated in the Active Mobility Act.

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