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Inmotion electric UNICYCLE

Sale price $ 699.00 SGD Regular price $ 999.00 SGD

2 different models to choose from:

Basic Inmotion electric UNICYCLE  $699 (Usual $999) - V3c

Bluetooth Inmotion electric UNICYCLE  $899 - V3 pro (Front & rear lights, brake light, Bluetooth music)

Best unicycle, one and the only one!

Best design, and Best brand!

Magic & Fun & Practical & Handsome Are you still worried about commuting in the crowded buses or driving a traffic jam? Are you afraid that you are not able to control a unicycle when you see someone around you playing it?

Having an Inmotion V3c is just like having a BMW while others may be just like having a Santana! The Gap is so big, more details refer to the text and video below.

 1, Quality assurance as the world's largest self-balance car manufacturer, firmly occupying 70% market share.

 2, Connecting mobile phone bluetooth to play music, or be a sound box at home 

3, The collapsible trolley style handle design, taking it into MRT like wheeling small suitcase but much easier.

4, Double wheel design, helping you to learn to ride in 5 minutes.

Even if you ride very slowly, it is also very easy to keep your balance. You csnnot only move forward, but also can easily move backwards.

5, Intelligent auto lamp switch, don't have to worry about driving at night, with insufficient light.

 6, Humanized design, high quality plastic surrounding the pedals, and high quality cushioned pads on both sides 

7, Mobile phone APP control, various parameters can be set, getting the machine status at any time, and finding other Inmotion V3 players around you, etc 

8, Local 30 days warranty (extended warranty can be purchased). Its robust & strong.

Having an Inmotion V3c, you can put other means of transport aside!


So what are you waiting for? Quantity is limited, grasp it now!.

With carry-in shop warranty (1 month free). 

Detailed Specifications : Weight: 13.5kg,

 max speed: 18km/h, 

max load: 120kg, 

Charging time: 2 hour. 

Mileage: 20-25 km, 

Motor power: 450W, 

tyre diameter: 14 inch

V3c Pro ($899) comes with Bluetooth music and Intelligent lamps switch, front & rear integrated lights

Video for V3c:


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