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KickPed adult kick scooter - The Indestructible !

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Product information "Kickped Adult Scooter"
Our Classic Kickped with a new look! The 2018 Kickped features a matte black frame, and logo free look keep it clean and stylish!

The KickPed is the product of selling and servicing many thousands of kick scooters in NYC. We know from experience what works and what doesn't.

Teaming up with Go-Ped Werx in Colorado, we're offering this scooter that is perfect city commutes for adults. The KickPed is rugged and low maintenance.

KickPed kick scooter features:

  • Steel frame build for tough commutes
  • Low maintenance design
  • Low profile deck for portability
  • Narrow deck to fit in tight spaces
  • Long wheelbase for high-speed stability
  • Made in the USA

The KickPed features solid rubber wheels and a steel frame. Sure it's not space-age or super light-weight but it is very durable! 


  • kickped scooter video
  •                                                                                                                   MADE IN USA -- >  



    Only what is absolutely needed comes with the KickPed, nothing to break, no extra weight to carry around, nothing to worry about. The KickPed commuter scooter is stripped of all gimmicks, down to the bare necessities.

    kickped scooter videoSolid rubber wheels ensure you never have to deal with a flat. A cable-less, pad-less rear spoon-brake never needs adjustment or replacement. The KickPed kick scooter will last you a lifetime - guaranteed.

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    A quick guide to unboxing and proper way to scoot off w a KickPed

    kickped scooter video                                                                 CHECK IT OUT HERE -- >






    "Actually, we believe this kick scooter is 100% bullet-proof. So we are offering a lifetime warranty on the frame! " KickPed warranty by


    Please select the height of the T-bar below based on your preferences

    Color Mathe black finish
    Weight 11.7 lbs
    Capacity 300 lbs
    Length 34 inches
    Handlebar Height (from deck) 39 inches (Large), 35 inches (Small)
    Width 5.25 inches
    Width Handlebar 14 inches
    Foot deck height 3.5 inches
    Folded height 13 inches
    Frame Aircraft quality 4130 Chromyl steel frame
    Wheel type Flat free 2.5 by 6 inches, natural rubber, non-pneumatic, includes bearing spacers
    Brake rear - spoon fender brake, foot activated
    Turning radius 2.5 feet
    Folding hinge 1 second slide-tube setup
    Deck Marine Plywood, weather proof
    Bearing ABEC 5 (with spacers)



     Small riders $799 (std height T bar)

    Taller riders $899 (taller T bar)

    Please note there is a lead time of about 10 working days from payment received.

    Please note all kickpeds are supplied with the limited edition darker decks.



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