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Minimotor USA

Minimotors in USA

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6 months local warranty
* the speed of the electric scooters are not limited with any speed limiting wire, hence please ride responsibly

Introducing the flagship of the range Minimotors , this model is the newest , most powerful and most successful  ever produced. Do not look for him to compete, there is none ...

Thanks to its battery of 60v 35Ah, this scooter will allow you to travel up to 90 km and climb 70% of the coast. The Dualtron Thunder  will show you a speed of 80 km / h max on the meter and you will always be able to adjust the speed thanks to its 3 speed modes.

At road-holding level you'll be equipped with 11-inch tubeless road tires and the brand new 15-level adjustable suspension.

On the safety side , we are on a high-flying braking system with nothing less than a semi-hydraulic brake equipped with ABS and it's a world first .

Let's continue with the novelties , with the Fingerprint . Indeed, the Thunder embeds a lock of any last generation. The handlebars are a borrowed reader . Yes, you read correctly ... To start the beautiful, just put your finger on the player, technophiles will love!

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