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Minimotors TEMPO 52V 350w Seated Electric Scooter (for USA only)

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6 months warranty by local distributor based in L.A. California

Minimotors TEMPO Seated Electric Scooter 

Minimotors TEMPO Seated Electric Scooter

MRT and train  friendly

Comes w 3 mths local agent warranty against manufacturing defects

Front & Back suspensions

Battery 52v 17.5ah LG quality cells

Range 60km

High torque for strong hill climb

Headlight                    Led

Weight                18.5 kg single handed lift

Max loading weight   100kg

Rim size alloy 12 inch

Colors available  Black or White

Display screen  Battery status, Mileage display, Power switch, Speed mode selection.


This item contains lithium batteries in excess of what's allowed under general shipping rules and hence will have special overall packaging required under DG Classification.

This is a tedious and expensive process but nonetheless required for the shipment of escooters with large lithium batteries.

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