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EN15194 LTA Orange Seal

Mobot ebike w EN15194 Certification MRT Friendly

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Electric bicycles (e-bikes) or Power Assisted Bicycles (PABs) are bicycles powered by a motor and battery.

In Singapore, ebikes are regulated by the authorities. It must be type-approved, sealed and registered with a registration number plate.

In addition, there are also guidelines to ensure safe use of e-bikes on public paths.

MOBOT ebikes are LTA approved and comes with the orange LTA seal and registration number plate.

 Latest!! LTA Registered/Approved e-bike with Orange Seal

Put some extra boost into your everyday commute with the MOBOT Dynamic Mini e-bike, pedal-assisted foldable electric bicycle engineered in France.

Flaunting a riding range of 40KM* with a 250W 36V brushless motor, this e-bike is one of the most affordable electric bicycle in the market.

Suitable for Tight Spaces

The e-bike is only 0.65m (H) x 0.40m (W) when fully folded. It only takes 4 easy steps and the electric bicycle can fit comfortably into the boot of any car and even brought onto trains and buses. Being able to stand and be trolley-ed around when folded, this e-bike is the perfect personal vehicle to take on public transport.

Extra Load? No Problem!

Formed with high tensile aluminium alloy, its light 17.25KG frame can withstand weights of up to 125KG. Both e-bike models are equipped with a built-in rear rack for extra baggage. Running on 12″/ 16″ wide tyres, it is ready to take on bumps and the most uneven surfaces.

Be Seen

The front of the electric bicycle flaunts a front headlight and rear reflector. You’ll never have to worry about visibility on a night ride.

Quality Battery Technology – Peace of Mind

Powered by an 8AH Lithium-ion battery, our engineers have safely packed 35-50KM of range into the e-bike; Giving you ample travelling distance for your ride to work and back home.
All our batteries go through strict quality tests to ensure your safety, containing a smart BMS (Battery Management System) that prevents the scooter from overcharging.

Smart Features

These functions include a battery capacity indicator and 3 tiers of power you can choose to your level of comfort.

Important note:

Electric bicycles (e-bikes) are also known as Power-Assisted Bicycles (PABs).

The use of e-bike in Singapore is regulated by the authorities. Some of the important regulations are:
1. PAB rider must wear a helmet when riding on roads.
2. PAB rider must be 16 years and above
3. PABs cannot be used on pedestrian pathways.

Dynamic Mini Electric Bike.
This foldable electric bike is perfect for those looking for an affordable and portable electric bike for your everyday commute. It folds in 4 easy steps, and can fit easily into any car boot, brought onto trains and buses too! When folded, it measures just 0.65m (H) x 0.40m (W).

This E-bike weighs just 17.5kg and can take up to 125kg load. It also comes with a rear rack (great for food delivery riders). Climbing slopes is made easier by a 36V 250W Brushless Motor.

Max speed is capped at 25km/h, and the 36v 8Ah LG Lithium-Ion Battery pack gives you a range between 35-50KM. Comes with front V-brakes, and rear drum brakes.

Complies with the EN15194 standard, LTA Registered Orange Seal and Singapore Safety Mark charger.

Available in 2 colours: Red / Black.
Available sizes: 12" - $1,299
16" - $1,499


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