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EN15194 LTA Orange Seal

Mobot NAKXUS NF1 ebike PAB w LTA approved orange tag.MRT Friendly

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Special Mobot NAKXUS NF1 w 120km range (2 batteries bundled).Pay $550 1st  installments and ride away .

NAKXUS NF1 LTA approved Electric Bicycle (ebike) | MOBOT

The NAKXUS NF1 by MOBOT is LTA approved affixed with orange seal and EN15194 certified ebike (or electric bicycle).

If you are looking for an ebike, big and stable for a comfortable ride yet it must be small enough to carry around or store inside your car boot, then a foldable electric bicycle is your choice.

But if you insist the design and suspension are equally important, then the NAKXUS NF1 LTA approved ebike is the top choice in Singapore.

Note 1: In Singapore, ebike is also known as Power-Assisted Bicycle (PAB).

Note 2: NAKXUS NF1 is suitable for food delivery riders (Foodpanda, Grabfood and Deliveroo).


The NAKXUS NF1 ebike frame is made of magnesium alloy. This type of aluminum has high strength and good corrosion resistance. This electric bicycle adopts a simplistic and modern frame with the battery and controller concealed in the frame.

The NAKXUS NF1 by MOBOT adopts the traditional single vertical pivot folding type at its center. Upon folding, the NAKXUS NF1 ebike measures at a compact 77cm. Therefore this ebike can be brought onto public transport or easy storage at the car boot.

Finally, the seat and handle bar height is adjustable to suit the rider.


This ebike uses a 36V 250W DC brushless motor. There are 5 levels of electric assistance mode to choose from, depending on the riding condition.


The NAKXUS NF1 power-assisted bicycle (PAB) adopts a hidden but detachable battery design, using 18650 high quality li-ion cells.  The hidden battery creates a sleek and seamless look.

The 36V 8.7AH li-ion battery is able to assist the rider up to 60km per full charge. You can extend the distance by having spare batteries or removing the battery to charge when resting.


This PAB uses 16″ diameter and 1.95″ wide pneumatic (tubeless) sports tyres (without spokes). Therefore this ebike is suitable for urban city and also partially rough terrain use.


The NAKXUS NF1 is one of the very few LTA compliant electric bicycles equipped with suspension.  This ebike comes with rear spring suspension that helps absorb the shock when riding through uneven grounds and potholes.


This ebike comes with a display panel that displays the speed, electric assistance level, battery level and distance travelled.


The NAKXUS NF1 electric bicycle uses front and rear disc brakes. This PAB is also equipped with a front light (white) and detachable rear light (red).

Important note:

Electric bicycles (e-bikes) are also known as Power-Assisted Bicycles (PABs).

NAKXUS NF1 is type approved by LTA.

The use of e-bike in Singapore is regulated by the authorities. Some of the important ebike regulations are:
1. PAB rider must wear a helmet when riding on roads.
2. PAB rider and pillion must be 16 years and above
3. PABs cannot be used on pedestrian pathways.

For more information on LTA ebike regulations, click here.


LTA advisory message:

If you intend to ride a bicycle, PAB or PMD on any public path, please ensure that the device meets the following criteria before riding:

  • Must be registered with LTA (applicable to PABs and PMDs);
  • Maximum weight not exceeding 20kg;
  • Maximum width not exceeding 70cm;
  • Maximum motorised device speed of 25km/h (applicable to PMDs) or maximum motor-assistance speed of 25km/h (applicable to PABs);
  • Must be UL2272-certified (applicable to motorised PMDs);
  • Must comply with the EN15194 standard (applicable to PABs);
  • Must be type approved by LTA (applicable to PABs)
  • Maximum continuous rated power of 250W (applicable to PABs); and
  • Must not have any start-up assistance / throttle feature (applicable to PABs

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