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QOD electric golf trolley LIFEPO4 battery

Sale price $ 499.00 SGD Regular price $ 799.00 SGD


Will last for 18 to 36 Holes (18 to 36 for extended) for Single Motor (Dual motors for extended) trolley.

Includes Lithium Battery, Charger, Anderson Lead, and Neoprene Bag (for bundled orders w trolley)

The standard pack is suitable for single-motored electric golf trolley only and includes:

  • Lithium Battery
  • Charger
  • Anderson Lead
  • Neoprene Bag

Warranty Coverage on Battery

  • 6 mths Warranty (see detailed information below)

On a single day, you can use the battery for

  • 18 to 36 holes (standard) and 36 to 54 holes (extended)
    • on a QOD Electric buggy
  • 18 to 27 holes (standard) 
    • on other (non QOD single motor) Electric trolley 
    • on other (non QOD single motor) and 18 – 36 holes (dual-motored) trolley 



All lithium batteries are covered by a six (6) months warranty against faulty workmanship and materials. Loss of battery performance owing to external damage (howsoever caused), misuse and/or abuse, incorrect charging or other failures not attributable to a manufacturing defect are specifically excluded from this warranty. The battery must be charged only with the charger supplied and the instructions must be followed exactly.

Offer is good only for bundling with new trolley ordered at the same time to arrive in one shipment.

Special pricing applies for non bundling orders and battery will not have the neoprene cover and M*SER logo imprint.

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