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Speedway 4 Mini PRO (for Australia only)

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Max speed         45 - 55 kmh (free load)

Range                     35 km

Net weight               13kg

Frame material         Magnesium alloy
Brake                        Rear drum brake

Cruise control           5S constant speed Press brake key to release

Noise control            Sine wave control   Super Silent

Headlight                    Led

Max loading weight   120kg

Climbing ability      About 45degree

Rim size              Magnesium alloy 8 inch

Dual front and rear suspension

Display screen    

Battery status, Mileage display, Power switch, Speed mode selection

Battery type             Three element lithium battery

Battery capacity         26v / 48v  (500watts) ~ 45 - 50km


Charger                        100-240V

Charging time               About 5 hrs

 Motor type                   Rear drive brushless

Damping system         Front suspension

Frame material            Magnesium alloy

Tread length                18*65cm

Open size                    95*18*118 cm

Folding size                  95*18*26 cm

Ground clearance        15cm

Stand over height       80cm

Colors: Black



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