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Minimotor USA

Speedway 4 w HPM Motor (for USA Market only)

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6 months warranty by local distributor based in L.A. California

The All New Speedway IV – Designed for the Rider!

With more sophisticated design the New Speedway IV is built with enhanced light system, electric brake function, integrated folding to enhance the driving comfort.

Speedway 4 applied the most luxury powerful BLDC HUB motor which was made for Dualtron and it provide a stable driving with silent and balanced driving.

Latest Speedway 4 with 30.5AH largest capacity battery and SW4 HPM Motor (free load speed 98+ km/h) from Minimotors authorized distributor.

The fastest & longest distance dual suspension stock Speedway!

SW4 HPM (High Performance Motors)

Hurry b4 stocks all sold!

Dual suspension front & rear

Deck is about 25 x 60 cm

High quality 52volts 30.5AH GEBattery original from MiniMotors


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