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VARTA AGM Car battery

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VARTA AGM Car battery

Made in Germany Silver Dynamic car batteries

The benchmark for all start-stop vehicles

The VARTA Silver Dynamic AGM stands for unparalleled performance: with 3 times the cycle life of conventional batteries, the VARTA Silver Dynamic AGM is the perfect choice for vehicles with the highest energy demands.

This can be due to heavier usage, cold winters, hot summers or multiple accessories and equipment.

That is why you´ll find a VARTA Silver Dynamic AGM in 80% of newly manufactured cars with start-stop technology powered by AGM batteries.


Silver Dynamic AGM Key Benefits

  • Made in Germany in the world´s largest AGM production plant.
  • Patented PowerFrame® grid for reliable starting power, fast recharge and corrosion resistance.
  • "Like-for-like" replacement of the battery sold to the OE channel.
  • Suitable for all vehicles with start-stop systems – kicks in earlier, works harder, lasts longer (part of OE design ensuring highest fuel savings in start-stop systems).

Unparalleled performance for start-stop systems

  • 3 times the cycle life compared to conventional VARTA® batteries
  • Highest cold cranking amperes (CCA) enables engine starts even in extreme climates while keeping comfort and safety features functioning
  • Available in 5 models of varying capacity, CCA and size
  • Recyclable and produced in an energy-saving way

Keep in mind: an AGM battery must always be replaced with an AGM. VARTA® 

Brand new VARTA Made in Germany Silver Dynamic car batteries

Suitable for Mercedes, BMW, VOLVO, Volkswagen n most European cars with start/stop features.

Comes w local 1 year warranty

Price includes free local delivery but no installation. (free onsite jumpstart so you can drive to the nearest petrol station to have the new Varta installed).

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