X9 Follow Signature Carbon Fibre Range
X9 Follow Signature Carbon Fibre Range
X9 Follow Signature Carbon Fibre Range

X9 Follow Signature Carbon Fibre Range (Price on Application)

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X9 Follow (Price on Application) Plse email us at sales@scootersg.com for options and prices Stewart Golf are now offering a full Signature range of trolleys for their powered machines. Note that although every effort will be made to produce the exact machine that you have specified, please be aware that exact colour or pattern matches cannot be guaranteed. The nature of the process & shape of Stewart Golf products means that there may be small discrepancies in alignment and the 'stretch' of the patterned material that is being applied. The X9 Follow is the latest generation of the multi-award winning X-Series from Stewart Golf which you can now have in the finish of your choice. Originally launched in 2003 as the X1 Remote, the X-Series is recognised as one of the worlds finest remote controlled machines. The X9 Follow is specifically designed as a Follow golf trolley, but as well as its “Follow” mode, the X9 Follow also comes with full remote control functionality that existing customers will be familiar with. Check out what the media are saying about the X9 Follow FEATURES Fully Customised Bluetooth Technology Rechargeable Lithium Handset Complete Remote Functionality Downhill Braking Integrated Stabiliser V3 Wheel Set Lithium Battery & Charger HOW IT WORKS The Follow system In addition to the bluetooth electronics system, there are two further antennas that power the X9 Follow. Mounted on each of the rear motors, the two antennas work together to create two zones; a neutral zone and an active zone. When the handset is inside the neutral zone, the X9 Follow will remain stationary. As the handset enters the active zone, the X9 Follow's electronics system will automatically & independently alter the speed of each rear motor to keep its pace. When the golfer (and therefore the handset) come to a stop, the X9 Follow will continue until the handset is back inside the neutral zone when it will also stop. The effect is that of digital elastic band, which stretches and contracts as you walk. Practically the system is designed to be as user friendly as possible, so use is as simple as: zone.jpg Press the green 'follow' button and walk in front of the X9 Follow. The machine will fall in behind you and keep your walking pace. When you reach your ball & stop, the X9 Follow will also stop. Put the handset on the cradle, select your club and take your shot. Replace your club, put the handset back on your back pocket/belt and resume walking. The X9 Follow will again pick up your pace. If you stop for any reason (such as to let another player take a shot), the X9 Follow will stop behind you automatically. When you are ready, just start walking again and the X9 Follow will start again automatically. Remote mode When you are approaching the tee or finding your ball in the long grass you may want to switch your X9 Follow into remote mode so you can send it off in your desired direction. To switch to remote mode all you have to do is press any of the directional buttons on the handset and full remote control functionality will be available. From up to 50m you can speed the machine up and down, steer it left or right and stop it using either the orange 'glide stop' or red 'emergency stop' buttons. If you prefer to have the machine in front of you sometimes, you have the option of setting two 'cruise control' speeds to suit your walking pace. Once you are back in the Active Zone, you can switch back to Follow mode by pressing the green Follow button Manual mode In car parks or on paths, place the handset onto the cradle and set the trolley to travel at a constant speed by pressing either the forward button or one of the programmable cruise control buttons. Using this method of steering over Remote or Follow will give you greater control over the trolley, ensuring you avoid any accidental collisions TECH SPEC elec.jpgElectronics EU Made 12V microprocessor control H-bridge technology Bluetooth Class 1 LED on rear cover Battery & Charger 12v Lithium 22amp/hour 2 year warranty Size: 185 x 180 x 80mm Weight: 3kg gearbox.jpgmotor.jpgMotors British Made Power: 2 x 190 watts Speed: 1500-1800 rpm Ferrite Magnets Single piece steel body Aluminium end casings Replaceable carbon brushes Gearbox British Made 25:1 Ratio Sealed for life Steel worm shaft CNC machined aluminium housing Cushioned 3-piece coupling Steel output shaft with 2 ball-bearings 4 way drive DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT With rear wheels Height: 32cm Width: 66cm Length: 82cm Without rear wheels Height: 31cm Width: 63cm Length: 82cm Weight X9 Follow: 14.1kg Battery & Charger: 3kg WARRANTY INFORMATION If notice is received of any breach of this warranty during the relevant period, then we shall at our own expense and within reasonable time, repair, or at our option, replace the goods or such parts as are defective or otherwise remedy such defect. Stewart Golf or authorized distributor will authorise the repair, or at our option, replacement of any part found to be defective due to faulty workmanship or materials. We reserve the right to inspect these parts. We will not bear any costs incurred (including carriage) due to an item being returned with a suspected fault, and after inspection if no fault can be found, or it is found that the customer has not fully understood all of the functions of the trolley or the part in question. Exclusions to the warranty include, but are not limited to: damage during shipment if not packed in a Stewart Golf designated box or according to Stewart Golf instructions; wear & tear; results of neglect, misuse or accidents; damage howsoever caused; or utilisation for any purpose other than carrying a golf bag on a golf course. Trolleys, which have been fitted with non-genuine Stewart Golf parts, or have been modified from the manufacturers specifications, are excluded. Stewart Golf products used for commercial or rental purposes are excluded. The warranty is not transferable to a third party. LITHIUM BATTERY WARRANTY All of our batteries are covered by a six (6) months warranty against faulty workmanship and materials. Loss of battery performance owing to external damage (howsoever caused), misuse and/or abuse, incorrect charging or other failures not attributable to a manufacturing defect are specifically excluded from this warranty. The battery must be charged only with the charger recommended by Stewart Golf, and the instructions must be followed exactly. PRICES Prices stated are ex-works UK (does not include shipping and relevant taxes), includes standard lightweight Lithium Phosphate 22ah battery. (add S$250 for upgrade to 30ah battery). Final prices on application and includes the abovementioned local warranty terms & conditions